Trainer's Desk


Irshad Hussain Khan is well qualified and experienced person in the corporate sector. He has 13 years of working and training experience in the corporate sector. He was providing training to the employees in the corporate sector for the development of sales and marketing skills. During his tenure in the corporate sector, the companies excel in their areas, and the employees trained by him achieve a successful career and future life. One of the best achievement and expertise of Mr. Khan is the development of Venue Concept. He trained many candidates for the venue concept and they were able to develop a capacity of attracting many clients for the company.

Mr. Khan is a famous icon in the area of management training of the corporate sector. For providing a better knowledge with practical experience, he is collaborating with IMT. The aim of Mr. Khan is to provide the practical knowledge of the corporate sector to each and every individual as they may not get it by themselves and also not from any other source. This only slow-downs the nation’s growth and also the individuals development. He is doing his job towards the youth development for the country to grow and develop, and makes or prepare the people in nation development or their own development. There are jobs in the market, but qualified candidates are missing. Through IMT, he is trying to fill these missing gaps by providing well trained and qualified candidates.